How to Treat a Puppy

Teaching Your Kids How to Treat a Puppy

It is so important to teach your kids how to treat a puppy. Puppies learn from the children, right away, if they are going to be sweet, loving dogs, or if they are going to be aggressive dogs. If your child teaches them to be aggressive, they will be. If your child is loving to your dog, the dog will be loving right back. Help your child to teach your puppy how to behave, right from the start.

Teaching Your Kids How to Treat a Puppy

Teach Kids To Let The Dog Eat in Piece

We need to think about dogs as we think about people. If you are sitting down to have dinner and someone comes up to you and starts tickling you, playing with you, and pushing your plate away- how will you react? Upset and angry? Dogs aren’t any different. It is not OK for the dog to react, but we also need to teach our kids to respect the dogs like we would respect someone else eating.

Don’t Tap Their Faces

This is one that most kids have trouble with. They will touch a dog’s face, trying to pet them, but so fast that the puppy doesn’t understand. The dog will turn to them and get upset because it is like they are teasing. They spend so much time right in the dog’s face and it can be irritating to them.

Don’t Bother Dogs While They’re Asleep

I have to remind our kids of this over and over. Our puppy, 11 weeks, will be sound asleep on the ground when the kids get the urge to hold him. They will run over and pick him up. Now, our dog doesn’t cry, bark or snip at them for this, but I just can’t help but think that it is rude. I tell them that they need to respect the dog’s sleep and ask them “What if I came into your room while you were asleep and picked you up and started talking to you and giving you toys?”

Don’t Antagonize The Dog

Don’t give your dog people food and then tell them not to beg for it. Don’t tease your dog with your shoes and then get mad when you find them eating your shoes later.

Start On What You Wish To Go On

If you don’t want your dog on your couch, forbid it from day 1. If you don’t want your dog to eat “people” food, don’t give them a bite. If you don’t want your dogs to pull you while on a walk, get a gentle leader from the get-go (this has been a life-saver for our dogs and our arms!)

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