French Bulldog vomits

Reasons Why your French Bulldog Vomits

The French bulldog is a dog that vomits frequently, we should not generalize, but there are many cases it occurs. As it happens to humans eating the wrong thing, bad or just have a delicate stomach causes our body to expel it in most cases in the form of vomiting.

Also in this case the french bulldog is a delicate breed and their stomach is often affected by diseases that cause vomiting.

Reasons Why your French Bulldog Vomits or Throws Up Often

There are many reasons why your french bulldog may vomit. The most common cause is that they have eaten something wrong and has gone bad, but it may also be because the food you give contains any substance to which they are allergic or that their stomach is not well tolerated by eating too fast making eject their stomach swallowed it, or exercise without making digestion.

When puppies the vomiting and diarrhea is something to be dealt with until their stomach gets used to the dietary changes, but if your french bulldog vomits long as an adult is important to find out why and put a solution as there may be other causes or illness. It is therefore very important to monitor your Frenchie vomiting and if they are very often you take it to the vet to locate the problem and put treatment sooner.

Vomiting related diseases in dogs

Canine gastroenteritis

More than 90% of the causes of vomiting are caused by eating something that feels bad in the stomach, something that irritates their intestines and causes their body to expel him as a defense, possibly poisoning. And as it happens to us when we eat something spoiled, they spend a few days vomiting, no appetite upset …

But there are other causes such as a bacterial infection that causes these digestive problems, hence the importance of internal parasite to avoid bacteria, worms, etc. Food allergies can also cause gastroenteritis in your french bulldog.


Sometimes our french bulldog really does not vomit but regurgitates food or stomach fluids. This occurs when food of your french bulldog not really into the stomach goes in the esophagus causing the expulsion of food, vomit so often feed almost whole, because it has not come to digest.

In other cases also when a Frenchie has a delicate stomach, runs a lot, or does excessive physical exercise they provoke this regurgitation by simply eject liquid from the stomach if they have nothing in their stomach.

Gastric torsion

Gastric torsion of the stomach is suffering from an acute illness especially dogs and should be treated urgently due to its severity. In the most serious case could end the life of your french bulldog in a few hours, since it is a deadly disease. Usually occurs more in large dog breeds but any dog can suffer.

What happens is that an acute stomach distention occurs. The stomach of dogs is fastened with two ligaments, depending on their size and the volume of the abdominal cavity, may not be strong enough to hold. If their stomach swings more than necessary by sudden movements, poor posture, or by the accumulation of gases, and these ligaments are not strong enough to control the stomach may end twisting on itself.

 If this happens, the dog can not empty the stomach to be twisted so that the pressure increases by changing the status of other organs and disrupting blood circulation, being fatal to the dog.

Also, if your french bulldog tries to vomit but can not shedding frothy saliva, you suffer abdominal cramps, and abdomen swells getting hard should be concerned and seek emergency vet if it were bloat to it immediately intervene.

French Bulldogs Vomits Treatments

In most cases, if the problem is mild and controllable on a diet of boiled rice with boiled chicken a few days or a special food diet for gastric problems will improve. In cases where the french bulldog hast food allergies probably you´ll have to give them special food for life, but you will avoid many problems and remain healthy.

 If the vet after proper review considers you need to take a particular treatment in the case of bacteria or serious illness is very important to properly follow their advice so that your french bulldog does not suffer from vomiting frequently. The appropriate intervention will be more serious as gastric torsion cases to attach the stomach to the colon of your french bulldog limiting their mobility, and reducing the percentage of relapses.

There are more related vomiting french bulldog diseases, but these are the most common. Never self-medicate your Frenchie because you could hurt them. If you notice any of these problems you should go to your vet and follow their recommendations. Do not worry, since you will find a solution for sure, though suffered a lot when they are unwell and not wanting to eat or discouraged by these causes are very strong they will recover for sure.

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