Cut an English Bulldog’s Nails

Cut an English Bulldog’s Nails

Any dog, just like an English bulldog, is a man’s best friend. Taking care of our beloved pets is the least we can do for them when they bring spark and joy into our lives. Taking care of them not only requires feeding, giving them baths, and showering them with affection and belly rubs. It also includes paying attention to the tiniest details of their body such as their nails.

How to Cut an English Bulldog’s Nails? 5 Simple Tips

By using trimmers make multiple thin trims at a 45- degree angle. Trimming a big chunk of the nail all at once can cut into the quick their blood vessel in the toes making it bleed. Apply pads/powder, if ever you have accidentally cut beyond the quick. This will prevent the nail from bleeding by sealing the quick. Smoothen the nail tip using a nail file if it splinters or is awkwardly trimmed.

No one wants to see their best friend in pain. We don’t ever want to see our precious furry friends in pain. Later on in this article, we get to expound on how to take care of our pup’s nails and also paws through simple practices and steps.

The Simple Steps to Cut the Nails of an English Bulldog

Cutting your English Bulldog’s nails is important to your bully’s health. As their nails grow, it could cause them harm and pain due to the increasing length. It could also snag on surfaces such as carpets and rugs. It is not a daunting task and is relatively simple which only requires a few steps. All you need are some patience and the steps you are about to read:

1.   Prepare your needed tools

What you need are a good pair of trimmers, a nail file, and some styptic pads or powder.

  • The trimmers are your main tool to cut your bully’s
  • Nail file is for smoothing the tips when it is unevenly cut or when it
  • The styptic pad/powder is for when you accidentally cut into the quick, the blood vessel in the It contains an agent that seals off the injured blood vessel.

2.   Ensure your English bulldog is relaxed and have treats at hand

Keep your bully relaxed and comfortable. We don’t want our pets to be fussy as it may cause some accidents. It’s good to train them early especially with trimmers. One technique you can do is to show the trimmers to your bully and show treats afterward; then, hide the trimmers and stop the treats at the same time. This helps them associate trimmers with a treat and give a positive impression.

Let them smell the tool and also have them feel it on their nails without cutting. Pinching or putting small pressure on their nails using your fingers can help your pet get accustomed to the feeling.

3.   Cut in thin portions and not a big chunk, all at once.

Take your time and cut the tips at a 45-degree angle and in thin portions instead of just one big cut. This prevents you from accidentally injuring the quick. If you do cut into the blood vessel, apply the styptic to prevent the nail from bleeding. The quick is easy to spot in light-colored nails as it simply looks like a dark line. For darker nails, it may be a bit difficult to see, but it can still be distinguishable.

4.   Use a nail file to smooth the tips.

If you accidentally splintered the tips or cut it in an awkward angle or shape, it can be remedied using a nail file. Just like filing your own nail, hold it in the angle you would want to shave down and make several back-to-front strokes until you achieve the desired shape.

5.   Regularly trim your English bulldog’s nails.

Once you hear some clicking and clacking while they trot around your house, you know it’s time for some trimming.

Why Foot Care is Important for an English Bulldog

1.   It ensures that nothing is impeding their mobility.

If your dog’s nails are too long or have sores, this can prevent them from walking and running happily and freely. Long nails can cause pain and get snagged onto various objects. Sores and swellings can also cause pain and impede their mobility.

2.  Having sick or unhealthy feet can cause complications in the long run. 

Not being able to detect some odd or unusual signs of your bully’s paws can lead to different diseases that could have been. Pododermatitis is inflammation of the feet or paws. Bulldogs are more prone to this symptom which can be a sign of some underlying condition such as allergies, infections, or immune diseases to name a few.

Another thing to look out for is hyperkeratosis. Hyperkeratosis is an abnormal growth of hair-like structures on your pet’s paws. It does not pose any harm but can become crusty and hard overtime.

3.   It keeps you and your dog happy and healthy

Knowing that your dog is running wild and free without any inhibitions and hurt on all fours makes you and your dog happy. It frees you from worrisome thoughts of them in pain and being sick. Knowing that they are healthy is freeing and a good note to think about your best friend.

Taking care of their paws is equally important as feeding, grooming, and exercising your pet. Check out our best grooming practices for more tips. Healthy paws mean lots of walking and spending more time with each other.

Best Paw Care Practices

Our dogs’ paws have the ability to withstand anything that nature has like grass, dirt, and sand, but they have their limits too. Having good paw care practices will keep your dog happy and healthy in the long run. If you notice that your English bulldog has swollen paws or your notice other paw troubles, check out our article here. Here are some practices you can do:

Observe your dog’s behavior

Your dog may not talk but their body language can speak volumes. When it comes to their paws, observe if they are constantly licking and chewing on their paws. This may be a sign that something is stuck, or they are having a reaction.

Maintain a safe environment for your English bulldog

Just like us humans, stepping on debris, glass, or other sharp objects is definitely an unpleasant experience. What more for our pets who don’t have the instant ability to get it out once it’s stuck? Always ensure that your floors at home are free from dangerous things that could hurt their paws. This also applies for outdoor terrain.

Check their paws regularly

Have regular checking of their paws. Remember what they look like in a healthy state and see if any irritants are stuck in between their toes. When you notice something odd or off about their paws such as discoloration and flaking, consult your veterinarian.

Use protection during extreme weather

When the sun heats up the pavement during the summer or the snow covers the sidewalk during winter, have your pets use some booties to protect their paws while on a walk or when they are outside. Always keep a lookout of your bully during winter from licking their paws if exposed from the snow outside. The snow may be mixed with salt and can irritate their paws and cause harm if ingested.

During the summer, avoid them going out on their bare paws to avoid burns. Check the temperature of the asphalt using your hand. If you cannot remain in contact with the pavement for more than five seconds, it is too hot for your bulldog to walk on. When extreme weather occurs, use protection or limit their outdoor exposure.

It is important to make your English Bulldog feel well taken care of. By checking all the minute details of your bully’s body especially the nails and paws, for sure your pup will feel ultimately loved and will show the same affection in return.

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