Buying a Healthy French Bulldog Puppy

Buying a Healthy French Bulldog Puppy

You should always buy from a well-regarded breeder. Breeders get a bad reputation in some circles, but there are definitely reputable ones out there. They treat their puppies like their own personal pets until they find homes. Also, have selected their occupation purely out of love of the breed and the joy of finding the perfect little companion to grow up alongside great families.

How can I ensure that I’m buying a healthy French Bulldog puppy?

Now, a purebred puppy can cost as much as a used car. So, of course, as in researching any major purchase like buying a health french bulldog puppy, you can, and should, look at:
  • online reviews
  • the breeder’s own testimonials
  • pictures of the facility
  • read any mentions of the breeder on pet-owner websites and discussion boards
  • check out their BBB rating, or call to express your concerns – if you’re honestly willing to be reassured
  • If there is a breeder you admire in your own state or near your home, that’ll help too (I’ll come back to this)

Other helpful things to look for in a trustworthy breeder:

  • A certification regarding the puppy’s health at the time you take the little guy or gal home with you. (Some breeders will insist that you take your new puppy home with you, and will refuse to ship it to you instead. Shipping isn’t inherently bad, but a rule like this is an excellent indication that you’re dealing with a conscientious breeder.)
  • Information about what the parent dogs like to do for fun. This will give you an idea of whether or not the dogs, especially the female dogs, have a life aside from breeding, and how they’re treated while they are pregnant.
  • An invitation for you to go visit the dogs and the facility. A lot of people like to do that to get a sense for the environment that the puppies will grow up in, as well as to meet their parents. This should go a long way in reassuring you that it’s a bright, clean, happy place, unlikely to sicken the puppies via environmental factors or poor care.
  • A contractual provision to allow one of their puppies who turns out to be sick to be returned and exchanged for a healthy one. I would hope that anyone who adopts a dog that turns out to have a major medical issue would continue to love it and care for it while it’s treated, but this isn’t always viable for people who buy puppies to train into show dogs. This guarantee also means that the breeder stands behind his or her “product,” which is just about the best guarantee you could get from any company with which you choose to do business.
  • A contractual stipulation that you take your new puppy to the vet within a few days of acquiring it. Usually, the breeder will want to know what the outcome of that vet visit was.
  • A copy of the contract that you will sign when you purchase the dog posted on the breeders website. That way you can go through it before you actually decide to put down a deposit on a puppy, and see how many of these points they check.

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