Bulldog puppy training

Bulldog Puppy Training

Bulldog puppy training may seem daunting when you first get that adorable puppy, that is why this guide will break down the process in simple and easy to follow steps. The secret to a well-behaved bulldog is to start with training as early as you adopt him. 

Bulldog Puppy Training

Give your new puppy direct instruction

Puppies will naturally follow a pack leader and you need to be that leader.[7] As its leader, you need to be teach the puppy how to behave and fit into their new environment. They are not baby geniuses, nor are they mind readers. They need patience and repetition with much positive reinforcement. If you cannot handle a problem that you are encountering, contact a local professional canine behavior specialist.

Train your puppy to follow your commands

You will want to teach the puppy to sit, stay, and come on command. In addition, it is also important to begin house training your puppy early on.[8] All of this training is most successful when you use positive reinforcement with your puppy. Instead of punishing your puppy when it doesn’t do the right thing, you need to make it a pleasurable experience when it does the right thing. Give your dog a treat (either a snack or praise and love) when it follows your directions and it will make the puppy want to do what you say!

Teaching your puppy to heel while walking on a leash is also important. Not only is it a good way for your puppy to learn direction, it also gives them exercise and socialization out in the world. Just be sure not to walk your puppy too much. Little puppies get pooped out really easily, so don’t walk them into the ground.

Begin socializing your puppy early

Socialization is very important to make sure your puppy gets along well with other dogs, other animals, and humans. Younger puppies under the age of 14 to 16 weeks are most amenable to socialization, as after this age they become more wary of new situations, humans, and other animals.

Get your puppy used to riding in the car and walking around the neighborhood. You should also get it used to humans of all ages, sizes, colors and genders (safely and in a friendly way). Also, make sure to safely introduce him to friendly dogs and cats. A great way to introduce the puppy to people and dogs is at puppy socialization or obedience classes held at large pet stores, veterinary clinics or through community courses.

Give your puppy lots of attention and love

You need to create a bond of love and trust between you and your new puppy. While it’s important for the puppy to follow your commands, it’s also important for the puppy to feel that you love and care for it. Spend quality time with your new puppy every day, making sure that most of it is playing and cuddling, and not all structured training.

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