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Tips Before Going To A Dog Park

Dog Park
A dog park is a perfect place to bring your pet for some exercise and playtime fun. Your pet gets the opportunity to run around off-leash, and it’s the perfect place for your dog to socialize with other dogs and develop good behavior habits.

However, because it’s a social setting with many other dog owners around, this can sometimes result in an unpleasant experience. Dogs who haven’t been trained, owners who don’t know how to control their dog, and dogs that haven’t been vaccinated, dewormed, or otherwise treated and are a health hazard to other pets.

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A Guide to Dog-Friendly Hotel Chains

Dog-Friendly Hotel
Setting off on vacation can be tough on pet owners if it means they have to leave their dogs behind. Luckily, there are many dog-friendly hotel chains nowadays. Furthermore, many of them are virtually rolling out the red carpet for our furry companions. About 75 percent of luxury, mid-scale, and economy hotels now allow pets, according to a 2016 survey by the American Hotel & Lodging Association. Below you’ll find some tips to ensure that your dog will be welcomed wherever you travel.

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Walking French Bulldogs

Walking French Bulldogs

Like other dogs, Frenchie’s needs exercise, but the amount of exercise they need is moderate because their body structure does not allow them to perform strenuous activities. The nature of their head and their respiratory system are some of the physical features that make them susceptible to shortness of breath when exercising.

This is why you should not run when walking your Frenchie. It will be difficult for them to handle the physical stress that comes with running. Also, you should be cautious of the weather when walking your dog because they are susceptible to too much heat. When it’s hot, they can have heart attacks or heat stroke.


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Taking Pictures of your Dog

Taking Pictures of your Dog

Most people love taking pictures of their pets, but getting your dog to do just the right thing at the right time can be tricky. They might not look at the right place or they may not sit still enough for the camera to capture them. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to improve your chances of getting a great shot of your dog. Take steps to set up the ideal photoshoot, and change the settings on your digital camera so that they are optimal for shooting pets. For more candid, everyday shots, use your smartphone so that you don’t miss a moment.

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Ways To Prevent Ticks on Your Dog

Ways To Prevent Ticks on Your Dog

You might think that you only need to worry about your dog getting ticks if you live in a wooded area. After all, ticks like to hang out in the woods, tall grass, and other areas with dense foliage, but the truth is, ticks live pretty much all over the place in the United States. Your dog can pick up ticks after walking through someone’s yard that has high grass or even by rolling around in a tempting pile of leaves. 

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Teaching Your Kids How to Treat a Puppy

How to Treat a Puppy
It is so important to teach your kids how to treat a puppy. Puppies learn from the children, right away, if they are going to be sweet, loving dogs, or if they are going to be aggressive dogs. If your child teaches them to be aggressive, they will be. If your child is loving to your dog, the dog will be loving right back. Help your child to teach your puppy how to behave, right from the start.

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Teach Your Puppy These 5 Basic Cues

teach your puppy
To start off on the right foot (and paw!) with your pup, he’ll need to know what you expect from him. This will make him feel secure in his ability to meet the goals laid out for him going forward. The foundation of training should be based on positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement is the process of giving a dog (or person!) a reward to encourage the behavior you want to teach your puppy. This is just like getting a paycheck for going to work.

The idea is not to bribe the behavior but to train it using something your dog values. Avoid using punishment such as leash corrections or yelling. Punishment can cause a dog to become confused and unsure about what is being asked of him. It is important to remember that we can’t expect dogs to know what they don’t know – just like you wouldn’t expect a 2-year-old child to know how to tie his shoes. Patience will go a long way in helping your new puppy learn how to behave.

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10 Best Toys for Small Dogs

toys for small dogs
Despite the baskets of toys you may already have for your adorable pup (and don’t let anyone shame you for those piles of dog delight), the best dog in the world (your dog) could always use a new dog toy. To help you increase playtime joy for small dogs, we’ve rounded up the best toys (and best gift ideas) for your furry friend or fellow pet owner’s best friend.

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French Bulldog Colors

French Bulldog Colors
While French Bulldog colors vary depending on the parents’ genes, what these incredible dogs are most known for is their adorable and charming demeanor. They are excellent watchdogs but aren’t known to be big barkers.

As far as looks go, Frenchies have a large, squared head and a compact, muscular body. While all Frenchies have a short, shiny, and smooth coat and their skin is typically loose and wrinkled especially around their faces. This is one reason they’re so desired as a furry family member to cuddle!
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What to Look for in a Quality Boarding Facility

Boarding Facility

You’re going away on vacation, but you won’t be able to relax if you’re constantly worrying about your pet. For many pet owners, one of the hardest things about going away is that you have to leave your dog behind. You have to find him an appropriate place to stay. The problem is that not all boarding kennels are created equal. Not to worry! We’ve put together a checklist of items that will help you weed out the less reputable establishments and pick a quality boarding facility that’ll be like a vacation for your pooch.

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Pandemic Pet Ownership

Pet Ownership

Many Americans have adopted pets amid Covid-19. But beware of the costs of pet ownership

  • About 33% of Americans have considered getting a pet now that social distancing is the norm.
  • While dog owners spend up to $1,201 a year on average on their pets, cat owners lay out up to $687 per year.
  • Planning ahead of time can help limit how much you spend.
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How to Clean a Dog’s Ears

How to Clean a Dog’s Ears

As pet owners, we know that keeping our dog’s ears clean is an important part of their care. If you are a new dog owner, you may not know how to clean a dog’s ears. But cleaning those ears can challenging if our dogs aren’t conditioned to accept ear cleaning, or we don’t feel comfortable doing it. Some dogs naturally have healthy, clean ears and may almost never need to have their ears cleaned, while other dogs require regular ear cleaning to prevent the buildup of dirt that can lead to ear infections. Dog breeds with long hanging ears, such as Basset Hounds and Cocker Spaniels, are among those with the highest risk of getting ear infections, but all breeds can develop them. Checking the health of your dog’s ears is something you should be doing on a regular basis. Your dog might enjoy having his ears rubbed when they are healthy, but if he pulls away from you they may be sore. So you can begin to assess their condition by gently massaging your dog’s ears.

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How to Choose a Name For Your Dog

how to choose a name for your dog

So, you got a dog. First of all: Congratulations! You made the right choice. The fish was never going to cut it. So now that your puppy is in your new home, you, your partner, and your kids will probably have to have the one, big, long conversation: “What do we name them?” Then comes the discussion. Max, Scout, and Bella are all too common. Steven and Mark are too human and weird. Lord Flufferton is funny but too long, and you might end up calling him Lord, which is an uncomfortably formal name for a dog. There’s a lot to consider. And there are probably more considerations than you might have first thought, too. For instance, did you know that names with vowels are far better? Or that it’s best to avoid those with too many syllables? That’s why we chatted with Nicole Ellis, a certified dog trainer and a member of’s Dog People Panel, for some advice on how to choose a name for your dog. Read on to make sure your new pooch’s name is on point.

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Cost of Owning a Dog

cost of owning a dog

How much does it cost to own a dog and care for it properly? You may have heard that dogs are expensive. While it’s true that there is an investment involved with dog care, it’s best to understand the details of dog care expenses. On the other hand, you may think that dogs don’t cost much at all. The cost of owning a dog is about more than just food costs. With something like the cost of dog care, it’s all relative.
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5 Steps For Keeping Your Bulldog’s Mouth Healthy and Clean

bulldog's mouth healthy
Many bully owners think that “dog breath” is normal, and it can be, but only to a certain extent. Your bulldog’s breath won’t always be fresh, but if it has persistent bad breath, you have a big problem! Did you know that 80% of dogs over age 3 experience dental problems? Unfortunately, bulldogs are no exception. In fact, they are more prone to tartar buildup on their teeth because they are brachycephalic, or short-nosed. In addition, periodontal disease, or gum disease as it is otherwise known, is one of the most common ailments for which vets treat dogs. And considering that gum disease can give your bully a higher risk of developing heart disease and kidney disease, good dental care is absolutely essential. Here are 5 steps for keeping your bulldog’s mouth healthy and clean.
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Best French Bulldog Treats

Best French Bulldog Treats
French Bulldogs make excellent pets. They are one of the world’s most popular dog breeds – and with good reason! Frenchies are as loving as they are adorable. These dogs are small and stocky with distinctive upturned ears. They are sweet, clever, and will become a joyful member of your family. It’s only natural, then, to reward your Frenchie with some tasty treats. Continue reading “Best French Bulldog Treats”

Cut an English Bulldog’s Nails

Cut an English Bulldog’s Nails

Any dog, just like an English bulldog, is a man’s best friend. Taking care of our beloved pets is the least we can do for them when they bring spark and joy into our lives. Taking care of them not only requires feeding, giving them baths, and showering them with affection and belly rubs. It also includes paying attention to the tiniest details of their body such as their nails.

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Easy Raw Dog Food Recipes

Easy Raw Dog Food Recipes

Making the switch to a raw food diet can be a great thing for your pup. The idea behind a raw dog food diet is to imitate what your dog’s ancestors ate before the advent of commercialized kibble.

While it can be daunting to start a raw diet, it offers a lot of benefits. One of the biggest is that you have complete control over what your canine companion is consuming.


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Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

A big misconception about pet insurance is that it’s too expensive. We spend hundreds of dollars on ourselves and our families each month for health insurance, yet we don’t get coverage for our furry “children.” In reality, paying $44/month* for pet insurance could end up saving your pet’s life. 

Instead of being hit with an $8,000 vet bill because your dog needs cancer treatment, you can have a vast majority of it covered through pet insurance. The worst scenario is learning that your dog has cancer but having to turn down treatment because you can’t afford the bills.

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Best Flea and Tick Prevention Products for Dogs in 2020

Best Dog Flea and Tick Prevention Products
Best Dog Flea and Tick Prevention Products 2020: Flea and tick prevention products help you eliminate existing flea infestations and stop new ones from forming. It also keeps ticks off of your pet. This is a very important product for any animal that goes outside or comes in contact with an animal that goes outside. While fleas are more annoying to you and your dog, ticks actually carry deadly diseases such as Lyme disease. Flea and tick preventative can keep your pet comfortable, and it may even save their life. Continue reading “Best Flea and Tick Prevention Products for Dogs in 2020”

How to Stop Your Bulldog From Eating Too Fast?

How to Stop Your Bulldog From Eating Too Fast?

Bulldogs love their food too much and if they could, they would gobble all their meals in one gulp. In this post, we’ll discuss how to stop your Bulldog from eating too fast.

Eating too fast can be bad for your Bulldog’s digestive system. As a breed, they are already prone to gas and flatulence so speed eating can make it worse. The faster your Bulldog eats, the lesser he chews so basically, he’s just chugging down all the food he can consume.

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Items to Keep your Bulldog Cool This Summer

items to Keep your Bulldog Cool This Summer

Summer is here which means fun, sun, and adventuring with your dog. Although both hounds and humans love warm weather and sunshine, it is extremely important to stay protected from those powerful summer rays. We’ve put together a list of products that will help keep your pooch hydrated, cool, and safe so that they can enjoy the months filled with sunshine and warmth to the fullest.

Before diving into our product guide here are some crucial tips to keep in mind for your dogs when the temperatures are high and the sun is shining bright.

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Benefits of Crate Training

Benefits of Crate Training

Crate training takes advantage of your dog’s natural instincts as a den animal. A wild dog’s den is their home—a place to sleep, hide from danger and raise a family. The crate becomes your dog’s den, where they can find comfort and solitude while you know they’re safe and secure (and not shredding your house while you’re out running errands).

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Shampooing French Bulldogs

Shampooing French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are adorable dogs with lots of energy and a distinctive face. Their short coat may seem low maintenance, but to preserve skin health, you may have to take some steps to ensure the skin is healthy. All coat issues start with skin health, so this is a great time to tackle any problems at the root. Here are a few tips for Shampooing French Bulldogs. 

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French Bulldog Exercise Needs

French Bulldog Exercise needs

First, we need to make one thing clear. Every dog needs some exercise! How much exercise- that depends on the breed, dog’s temper and individual energy level. Some breeds need a serious training in order to stay in shape or be able to serve their specific purpose and other dogs need just a daily walk. It is important to emphasize that all dogs have a natural instinct for walking and they will always enjoy it.

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French Bulldog History Introduction

French Bulldog History
The history of the French bulldog can be traced to England, where it was first breed as a mini version of the bulldog. This breed became so popular among the British lace makers, that when they migrated to France, they took these little bulldogs along with them. Its popularity soared in France and Europe. America discovered this gorgeous dog in 1896 and later came to be known as the ‘Frenchie’ that we call today. Continue reading “French Bulldog History Introduction”

French Bulldogs Mixing Wet & Dry Foods

Mixing French Bulldogs Wet & Dry Foods

Many people love to pet dogs, although feeding them can sometimes be challenging. There is no doubt that most pet parents would have wondered about whether it is alright to mix wet and dry pet food for their French bulldogs.

Generally, there is no harm in mixing wet and dry pet food. Nevertheless, there are certain factors that you should consider before deciding the best decision for your Frenchie. Continue reading “French Bulldogs Mixing Wet & Dry Foods”

French Bulldog Paralysis Signs

French Bulldog Paralysis Signs | Huskerland Bulldogs | Puppies For Sale

There are 3 types of French Bulldog Paralysis you should know:

  • Tetraplegia: This is the worst type of French Bulldog Paralysis. Tetraplegia causes a complete inability to move any of his four legs.
  • Paraplegia: This type of paralysis causes the dog the inability to move his hind legs.
  • Paresis: Is a type of dog paralysis that causes restricted movement in dogs. Paresis still allows the ability to move but great difficulty. The uneasy movement usually causes them great pain.
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French Bulldog Puppy Socialization

French Bulldog Puppy Socialization | Huskerland Bulldogs | Puppies Sale

First, let’s clarify what this term means. Just like children, frenchie puppies are born without social skills and they need to be trained and taught how to communicate with humans, dogs and other animals. It is simply a learning process that is necessary in order for French Bulldog puppy to feel safe and confident in his environment and to function within the group.

It doesn’t only refer to puppy’s relationship with other animals and people, but also to all kind of situations, sights and sounds the puppy will be exposed to during its life, such as traffic, traveling, vacuum cleaners.

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Flying With A French Bulldog

Flying With A French Bulldog | Huskerland Bulldgs | Puppies For Sale

One of the questions we get the most is, how do you fly with your french bulldog? French bulldogs are brachycephalic breeds–flat nosed dogs–and those breeds are banned from flying commercial airlines underneath the plane.

Airlines have banned bulldogs, pugs and other brachycephalic breeds from their planes due to health risks to the dogs. These include:

  • American Bulldog
  • Boston Terrier
  • Boxer
  • English or French Bulldog
  • King Charles Spaniel
  • Lhasa Apso
  • Pug
  • Shar-Pei
  • Shih Tzu
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French Bulldogs Colors & Patterns

French Bulldogs Colors & patterns

All French Bulldog pets have that pleasant, humorous and infectious personalities, but aside from that, multiple features and traits make them attractive. They are mostly found in our homes as lovely pets, playful and often readily submissive. What’s even amazing is their largely unmatched levels of intelligence – compared with other pedigree dog breeds.

When looking for a French Bulldog puppy, understanding the various French Bulldog breeder warning signs is highly recommended. French Bulldogs Colors & patterns have little or no significance on the little lovely guy’s personality.

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Healthy French Bulldog Weight

The obesity epidemic has been sweeping America for years. By now we all should understand the importance of maintaining a healthy body weight for ourselves, why should our pets be any different? It seems like common sense, however, a large majority of pets actually are overweight and their owners may be completely oblivious.

French bulldogs already have it hard when it comes to their predisposition to a variety of health issues. By keeping them a healthy weight, they’ll live longer, happier lives.

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Lifespan of a Bulldog

The Lifespan of a Bulldog

What is the lifespan of a Bulldog? If you are planning on getting one, you’re probably wondering how long they live.

Primarily bred to fight bull for sport, now a family dog, Bulldogs are adored by everyone for their cute little face, laughter and the amount of love they shower.

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Tips to Get Rid of Bad Doggy Breath

Tips to Get Rid of Bad Doggy Breath

Embracing your pup’s affections can’t be as fun if you’re dealing with bad doggy breath, can it? A lot of owners deal with this problem at some point or other in their relationship with their dog.

If your dog has bad breath, the problem can be more than just having to grit it out while receiving love from your puppy, and could lead to strained relations or problems socializing with other people or dogs.

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Senior Bulldog Care Tips

7 Senior Bulldog Care Tips To Keep Your Pet Happy

Watching your Bulldog grow is delightful. From witnessing his first burp to smelling or hearing his first fart, your Bulldog has occupied a large space in your heart. You cannot stop your Bulldog from growing. Eventually, white hairs will start popping out and his joints will start to weaken. Your once crazy Bulldog will mellow down at one point in his life. Aging is inevitable and so are the health risks that come with it. Luckily, there are many senior Bulldog care tips to guide you on how to keep your aging Bulldog buddy happy and feeling young. 

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Control Bulldog Jumping & Biting

control bulldog jumping & biting

Just like young children, puppies use their mouths to explore their world. Unlike young children, they also use their mouths to play, with you or with other pups. As you may already be aware, their teeth are like sharp little needles and a bite or nip from a pup can be pretty painful! Here are some way you can help control bulldog jumping & biting.

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French Bulldog Ideal Weight

French Bulldog ideal weight French Bulldog Puppies For Sale

The obesity epidemic has been sweeping America for years. By now we all should understand the importance of maintaining a healthy body weight for ourselves, why should our pets be any different? It seems like common sense, however, a** large majority of pets actually are overweight** and their owners may be completely oblivious.

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Foods To Avoid Giving Your French Bulldog

foods to avoid giving your french bulldog
With their soaring popularity, more and more people are adopting Frenchies to be a part of their family. Unfortunately, many people don’t know about the French bulldog’s specialized dietary needs. They think that wheezing, snorting, coughing and sneezing are just cute little breed characteristics, when they may be warning signs that you’re feeding your bulldog the wrong type of food. Here are foods to avoid giving your french bulldog. Continue reading “Foods To Avoid Giving Your French Bulldog”

English Bulldogs Exercising

English Bulldogs Exercising English Bulldog Puppies For Sale

The English Bulldog is a breed that has numerous health problems and requires very moderate exercising. Keep your pet as happy and active as possible by scheduling a half hour a day for their physical activity, including at least one short walk a day. Play games like fetch and tug of war, and bring them to the park to allow them to be social. Make sure that your dog is ready for the elements and keep a close eye on their health and well-being while you exercise them.

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English Bulldogs Skin Irritations

English Bulldogs Skin Irritations English Bulldog Puppies on Sale
English Bulldogs Skin Irritations have a variety of causes, including:
  • acquired disease
  • genetic conditions
  • environment
Because of their wrinkles and loose skin, English bulldogs are more likely to suffer friction-related skin irritation than other breeds of dog. Fortunately, by examining your dog you can spot skin irritation symptoms and causes before they become too serious. Continue reading “English Bulldogs Skin Irritations”

Traveling Safely with Dog

Traveling Safely with Dog

By Dr. Jerry Klein, CVO

Planning to travel with your dog on an airplane? Here’s what you need to know.

My family and I are relocating, and instead of driving to our new home we would like to travel by plane. Our dilemma is how to transport the dog. There are so many frightening stories in the news. I’ve heard you have to place a dog in the cargo area. How do I find the definitive answer on dog air travel safety, requirements and regulations?

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5 Basic Commands

Teach Your Puppy These 5 Basic Commands

To start off on the right foot (and paw!) with your pup, he’ll need to know what you expect from him. This will make him feel secure in his ability to meet the goals laid out for him going forward.

The foundation of training should be based on positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement is the process of giving a dog (or person!) a reward to encourage the behavior you want, like getting a pay check for going to work. Continue reading “5 Basic Commands”

Raw Food vs. Dog Kibble

Raw Food vs. Dog Kibble

By Dr. Jerry Klein, CVO

“I’ve been hearing a lot about feeding dogs raw food. It seems controversial. Can you tell me what’s best for my dog?”

Dog owners want the absolute best for their canine companions to ensure they live healthy, happy, and active lives. The first step in achieving that goal is feeding your dog a balanced, nutritious diet. Historically, dry dog kibble and canned dog food were the only choices on the market. But over the years, raw food has become increasingly available.

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When Should I Call the Vet?

When Should I Call the Vet?

Recently my dog wasn’t eating as much as he usually does and he just seemed off. It was a weekend, so I didn’t want to make an emergency call unnecessarily. There were no other obvious symptoms, and he bounced back by Monday morning. This incident had me wondering, when should I call the vet and how can I determine if it’s really an emergency?

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Prevent Puppy From Biting

Prevent Puppy From Biting

Dog-training expert and AKC Family Dog Training & Behavior columnist Kathy Santo offers the following tips on overcoming a common puppy problem: biting. Puppies’ mouths are filled with about 28 teeny-tiny razors that seem to be attracted to your fingers or toes. Although an annoying behavior, this is something that’s completely normal for teething, playful puppies and something you can train away with these few steps.

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Feeding Bulldog Puppies

Feeding Bulldog puppies

Feeding Bulldog puppies to achieve optimum health requires a bit more effort than many may anticipate. A somewhat sedentary breed, Bulldogs are susceptible to weight gain, sensitive tummy, food allergies and flatulence. Being blunt, feeding Bulldogs can be challenging! Receive smart Bulldog diet choices here and additional info about feeding Bulldog puppies.

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Bulldog Puppy Grooming

Bulldog Puppy Grooming

Bulldogs enjoy being groomed (except for the nail trimming), and most love taking a bath. The Bulldog has a smooth, short coat and is naturally a reasonably clean. Because of his short fine coat, many people think that grooming is not important, or seldom needed. This is not true! To keep a Bulldogs coat shiny and beautiful it must be groomed about 4 times a week.

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French Bulldogs History

french bulldogs history French Bulldog Puppies for Sale

In the mid-1800s, a toy-size Bulldog found favor in some English cities, including Nottingham, then a center for lace making. The toy Bulldog became something of a mascot for Nottingham’s lace makers. This was the height of the Industrial Revolution in England, and such “cottage industries” as lace making were increasingly threatened. Many in the lace trade relocated to northern France, and of course, they brought their toy French Bulldogs with them.

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English Bulldog History

English Bulldog history

Historical evidence suggests that English Bulldogs were created in 13th-century England, during the reign of King John, for the “sport” of bullbaiting, in which a staked bull fought a pack of dogs while spectators bet on the outcome. The dogs used in this grisly pastime, the ancestors of today’s Bulldog, were ferocious brutes with huge jaws, unbelievably brave and seemingly impervious to pain.

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How to Potty Training a Puppy?

How to Potty Training a Puppy?

Teaching your new puppy to potty at the right time and place is one of the most important first steps you can take for a long, happy life together. House soiling is among the top reasons why dogs lose their homes or end up in shelters.Few people are willing to put up with a dog who destroys rugs and flooring, or who leaves a stinky mess that you have to clean after a hard day at work.

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Naming Your Female Puppy

Naming Your Female Puppy

Choosing a name for your female puppy requires a little luck and inspiration and a lot of thought. After all, this is a word you’ll be saying frequently for years to come. Like girl baby names, dog names trend in popularity. You don’t meet many toddlers’ names Ethel, nor dogs named Fido these days. Popular culture is always a rising theme; after the movie, “Frozen” came out, there was a 900 percent rise in dogs named for the movie’s characters.

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