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10 Best Toys for Small Dogs

Despite the baskets of toys you may already have for your adorable pup (and don’t let anyone shame you for those piles of dog delight), the best dog in the world (your dog) could always use a new dog toy. To help you increase playtime joy for small dogs, we’ve rounded up the best toys (and best gift ideas) for your furry friend or fellow pet owner’s best friend.

10 Best Toys for Small Dogs

We’ve found every small dog’s new favorite toy (or toys!): squeaky toys and plush toys, indoor balls and outdoor balls and treat balls, and all the best dog chew toys. We even found toys that’ll leave your dog happier and healthier, removing tartar and cleaning teeth or alleviating separation anxiety.

We’re sure that each and every dog loves a great toy, especially new toys. Here are our top picks for the best toys for small dogs.

1. The Bestseller: Marvin the Moose

KONG’s line of plush toys, Cozies, live up to their name in cuddlability for your pup, as well as features such as a squeaker and less stuffing for less mess.

Among the large variety Chewy offers of adorable stuffed animals for your dog to chew and fetch, Marvin the Moose is the most popular choice.

2. Chuckit Ultra Rubber Ball Dog Toy

This dog toy for those chasers of flying orbs, our favorite ball dog toy. A big upgrade from your average tennis ball, this toy is for those little dogs who love to go after a bounce or rebound, and the toxin-free rubber material is durable, too.

3. Chuckit! Zipflight Dog Disc

This is not your grandpa’s frisbee. It’s light and easy to throw, so a rogue throw won’t hurt your little pup or other innocent bystanders.

Chuckit! reigns over all dog toys that can be, er, chucked.

4. Goughnuts Lite

When you need a chew toy that will hold up to those adorable, tiny teeth, consider the Goughnut: a proven recipe of tough, bouncy, and rolling rubber, this toy is fun for heavy little chewers (we’re looking at you, terriers).

5. Skinny Peltz

For your pipsqueak that loves a squeaker, Skinny Peltz by Zippypaws is a must-have. Not only are they blissfully stuffing-free, they include multiple squeakers.

And there may be nothing more adorable than a little dog trotting proudly with one of these long peltz dragging from its mouth.

6. Baby Dinosaur Chewers

Looking for the most adorable plush dog toy on the market, with reinforcements against the cute little destructo-teeth while also staying cuddle-able for your pup? This tiny dino toy line from GoDog is what you want.

The purple dinosaur is the most popular, but OMG the triceratops.

7. KONG Classic

The Classic KONG remains a favorite vehicle for delivering the favorite treat of so many dogs: peanut butter. KONG even makes a classic for dogs 5 pounds and under (the XS).

Related: make sure your peanut butter brand is safe for dogs.

8. Nylabone for Your Tiny Power Chewer

We love that Nylabone politely calls our zealous munchers “Power Chewers.” Not just for teething puppies, Nylabones are a classic for breaking destructive chewing habits and supporting canine dental health.

9. Chuckit! Small Ball Launcher

For your little dog who can’t get enough of chasing those little balls, this ball launcher is still the best option out there.
We wish we could recommend a robo gadget that would save you the sore bicep and keep your pup happy, however, we haven’t found anything nearly as reliable as the ol’ throwing arm.

10. West Paw Toppl Dog Chew Toy

From our guide to great puzzle toys, this treat-hunting puzzle is simple, durable, and one of our favorites for a dog who will do anything, even a puzzle, for a treat.

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